Just recently, FOURLEAF launched in Laos. We’re now able to support Laos customers in Laos language. Our team in Vientiane very welcome Restaurants owner, Bars & Coffee shop owner who want to have easy & efficiency POS system.
We believe our product from our hardworking team will help Laos business owners to be able to manage their business easier.
FOURLEAF was created in 2014 with the aim to connect restaurant owners to their restaurant in realtime and bring the benefits of cloud computing to restaurants by the cutting edge technology Restaurant POS app. This makes FOURLEAF a robust system and most importantly, every FOURLEAF App user will appreciate the easiness and smoothness of its use.
About Our product :
  1. FOURLEAF POS App :  Restaurant Operating System App, Help owners to track their stock, be able to send wireless orders to the kitchen in just a millisecond. Work with wireless printers and cash drawers. This is a complete restaurant operating system App.
  2. FOURLEAF Menu : Digital menu on iPad which is best to show your food image catching customer eyes. Easy to operate menu details and images. If your business is a Hotel or Restaurant this App is the best for presentation.
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