How can we help your business achieve more success?

Because we know your problems!, FOURLEAF's features will help you manage everything simple and effectively, whilst also upselling your products and making you more money.


Mobile Wallet

Point Of Sale

Real-time Sale
& Inventory

Member Cards*

Wireless Ordering

Send order from point of sale waitress can use this to send order to kitchen wirelessly

Send order from point of sale to the kitchen wirelessly

Support multiple printers and split order to the kitchen and bar wirelessly

Make your staff work better and faster multiple writers able to send order to multiple printers at the same time

Point of Sale System

This App turns your iPad into simple intelligent cashier, easy to send the order to kitchen and print receipt

For a small cafe, Reduce workload accounting job

Because of a wireless system with Cellular it’s able to use with any kind of restaurant even mobile shop

Unlimited length without wire system big size restaurant will able to connect each cashier together


Real-time inventory knows every stock move on your Smartphone

Staff able to modify items from iPad in restaurants

You able to modify items even they're not in the restaurant

You can track your inventory anywhere real-time on your mobile phone

Accept Mobile Wallet

Your customers will be able to pay from their mobile wallet

Easiest way to accept money from the mobile wallet

Accept money from many of mobile wallet in one place

You get what you charge, billing without error because of user no need to fill the amount

Customers member cards

Know more about your customers by this tool. Integration of membership and point system

Enable membership wallet card to your customers

Simple CRM system allows you to give customers reward point

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